Wednesday 3 July 2019

Now it is time to de-normalise yourself!

Have you every wondered why explorers and discoverers are a special type of hero in our history?

Columbus, Magellan, J C Bose, Marco Polo... they were the pioneers that expanded their existing world. They broke through the existing boundaries to bring in new knowledge and opportunities. Their discoveries were turning points that completely reshaped the world and the horizons of everyone in it.

I bring this up, because just like the idea of independence, this idea also has very personal applications to each one of us.

If independence is about the privilege of choice, what if you don't even know you have better choices than the ones at present?

What if we've grown so accustomed to living and accepting what this present situation has to offer... the same loop, same problems, same opportunities day in and day out that it's become normal to you? That's your world.

It's too easy to fall into the everyday loop, where your habits and routines become so normal that you accept them, or when everyone around you is going through the same routine, that you accept this reality...

But, the truth is, the world is much much bigger than that!

If this resonates with you, it might be time to "de-normalize" yourself. It's time to find your inner explorer.

There are many options and opportunities out there that can change your circumstances... that can give you new life to your stagnant or unhappy situation.

It's just that your perception and habits have made it an invisible prison, blinding you from seeing past it.
How aware are you right now of the breakthroughs you can be making?

If you recognise that you might be feeling this way, here is a quick 2 minute self assessment that you can take to discover your strengths and weaknesses so you’re more ready for change in the right direction.