Sunday 1 September 2019

Devil.... the old friend !

The Devil......

He had bright eyes,
But no hair.
Light skin
But dark in mind...

Alluring voice,
Pleasing appeal,
Infectious laugh,
Esoteric brain,
But dark in heart.

He was
Cut from different cloth
The one everyone wanted.
Forever, subjugating 
Others life and is a swamp
To saw the seeds of trust.

He made us move away from others
Saying untold stories of lies 
Made-up untruth tales of my friends 

And when we ended I realised that

"I sat with the devil,
I laughed with the devil,
I sang with the devil,
I played with the devil......"

I warn you....
You will be his next prey
Believe me...
He is an evil Predator
The gift of the 'Devil'.

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