Friday 20 March 2020

COVID 19 - a Different Perspective

I am seeing alot of negative things about the Covid - 19 virus but let's just take a second to look at some positive things.

“Since the lockdown..... 

Venice's canals have become crystal clear.

Italy coasts have dolphins coming nearer and nearer.

Japan now has deer roaming free in the streets, and  Thailand: the same with monkeys.

 China has record breaking pollution cuts.

The Earth has already began showing signs of amazing things that are happening from the absence of human pollution.

What if- and hear me out..- what if the entire human population used this as an opportunity to restart society on a greener, more environment conscious foot.

 What we're seeing in the span of a couple of days is amazing.  A pipe dream.

Maybe it’s time for us humans to look after our planet, maybe it’s time to listen to the universe . Things happen for a reason and maybe the planet just needs a bit of time to heal! 

❤ See the positives even in crisis ❤

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