Thursday 11 May 2023

Healing Hands in Danger: The Plight of Violence Against Doctors
Doctors are healers, with hands that mend
But sadly, we face violence in the end
They work hard to cure the sick and frail
But some people's actions are beyond the pale

Doctor’s job is to save lives, to ease the pain
But their efforts are often met with disdain
Assaults on doctors are becoming a trend
A grave injustice that we must attend

The Hippocratic Oath they take to heart
A promise to do their best from the start
But when violence occurs, it breaks them apart
Their passion for healing becomes a lost art

We must protect our doctors, who care for us all
And ensure their safety, so they can answer the call
Violence against them is an affront to us all
Let's stand together and answer the call

For doctors are your guardians, your protectors in need
“You must show us the respect we truly deserve to receive”
Let's unite in this cause, and put an end to this violence
So the doctors can heal and restore our reliance

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