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Thursday 22 August 2019

Why should you use Apple Card?

The unique thing about the Apple Card itself is that it is titanium and only has your name imprinted on it. There is no signature, card number, expiration date nor security code. It retains a chip and a mag stripe.

It is intended to be mostly used via electronic Apple Pay. When using the physical card you sign digitally not on a paper receipt. The missing info on the card, lack of signature and no need to sign a receipt will likely confuse retailers until they get used to seeing it.

The cash back isn’t that great a deal but it does show up immediately in the Apple Pay Cash card in the digital wallet soon after a transaction.

The big thing is the lack of fees and extreme transparency about your transactions and your debt load and the way a minimum payment is discouraged. It actively trains the user to not carry a balance. Far superior customer experience in managing the card.

The shady way most credit card companies do business and profit at the expense of their customers via fees, delays in posting, as well as cash back or restricted flyer miles or digital cash that can only be spent at their curated store, etc., etc., etc. is why the Apple Card might become very popular. Mainstream credit card companies have been milking consumers for decades. Leaving it to consumers to figure out. So the transparency of the Apple Card experience will in my opinion make a huge difference.

You must have an iPhone to use an Apple Card. So it does add to the Apple walled garden but many of us are already locked in. It’s just that we don’t want to get out. It is a comfy garden.

Wednesday 7 June 2017


The Next Generation of iPhones May Be Coming With an Artificial Intelligence Chip
Your next smartphone might be more “intelligent” than anyone could have guessed. Apple is working on artificial intelligence (AI) chips for the iPhone that could increase battery life and perform tasks that currently require a human, according to an informant who wants to remain anonymous.
The chips, which are reportedly known internally as the “Apple Neural Engine” and would be integrated into all Apple devices, are specifically designed to cope with the high processing power that AI demands. Currently, Apple uses the main processor and graphics chips to deal with AI features like Siri, iPhotos’ facial recognition, and predictive typing — but, because the hardware not designed specifically for this purpose, battery life suffers.
Apple is characteristically secretive about the reports, and has declined to comment. However, we may hear more concerning the AI chip at the developer’s conference coming up in June — as we did concerning Google’s AI plans at their own conference earlier this month.

APPLE AND Artificial Intelligence

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, said at a press call in March that the company is planning to expand into the Augmented Reality market — this chip would be vital if this is the case.
The development of an AI chip for iPhones, iPads, and MacBook makes sense in the context of other recent Apple news, too. The company has recently purchased Lattice Data, which uses AI to structure “dark data” (data that cannot be used from an analytics standpoint). In addition, Apple’s self-driving car software, currently mounted on a Lexus, has been approved for road testing — it incorporates features like a radar, GPS, laser measuring, and computer vision.
Apple’s interest in the future of the AI industry is also reflected in the company joining the “Partnership on AI to Benefit People and Society,” a multi-corporation think tank that explores the responsible implementation of the technology. Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are also partners in the project to make AI a useful tool for all humanity.
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