Sunday 16 December 2018

Moonfire Circus

Voices speaking from the piano's soul  
Is reaching out for anyone to be heard  
It's a simple composition  
Full of sounds with not a single word  
The signpost says "Hurry! Before it's too late!"  
But the eyes of the many won't reciprocate  
There is a skull to remind us all  
That our lives will leave soon  
For castled dreams and sunbeams  
For those with a good attitude  
A fortnight of passion to wrangle peaceful whims  
So tear up the contract and then we'll begin  
Read the banner and you'll  
Know where I got my name  
Several miles high we can see  
Exactly where they came  
Waste me in reason  
'Cos you know it's plain to see  
We never got as far  
As we really wanted to be  
And so now the circus begins    
She said "This ain't a sin  
From day to day it can change  
It'll pass in the picture frame."  
Born in a house  
Of esoterical thoughts  
The voiceless are many  
A plan has been bought  
They're dreaming in comfort  
To help heal the wounds  
The treasures are many  
And ours will come soon

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