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Wednesday 8 May 2024

Midnight's Journey on Frosted Rails
Beneath the twilight's velvet hue,
Where mist and mystery blend anew,
A path of iron, straight and true,
Leads to horizons kissed by dew.

In silence deep, the night’s embrace,
With moonlit shadows intertwined,
The tracks converge in ghostly grace,
As dreams and darkened skies are twined.

A crimson orb hangs low, aflame,
A sentinel in the sable night,
Its glow a soft, ethereal frame,
A beacon of unwavering light.

Beside the path, the trees stand guard,
Their gnarled fingers stripped and scarred,
By time’s relentless, ruthless mar,
Yet under starlight, standing hard.

The frost adorns each steely line
With silver threads of cold, divine,
A winter's quilt of crystal fine,
Where frozen whispers dreams define.

Oh, carry me, this spectral track,
Through realms of thought, and time, and lack,
To lands unknown that call me back,
Where future’s hopes no longer black.

This journey on the night-bound train,
Where hearts may heal and souls regain,
The love and loss, the joy and pain,
As tracks unroll beneath the rain.

For in this quiet, serene expanse,
Each rail and tie, in their steadfast dance,
Hold the weight of my advance,
Guiding me by fate's own chance.

So let the night enfold its wings,
Around the world as the darkness sings,
The track to unknown futures brings,
A rail-bound soul where hope springs.

Tuesday 16 April 2019

Waking up!

When waking up is one of the hardest things to do 
And the first sound you make is a despairing groan 
When you don't want the pain of another day 
And just want to stay in bed and sleep, to tell the world to go away. 
Look outside and see the life around you 
A flower, a bird, even the tiniest insect has its own beauty 
Just sit and watch, take a moment for yourself 
Allow the wonder and magic of life to consume your mind 
Let that pretty flower, or bird, or insect become your reality 
As you sit there in awe of what you see 
Thoughts may wonder if someone will ever truly understand you 
And want to be part of your life 
At these times remember, in this world, you are the only you 
You are unique, and your wonderful qualities are ready to shine 
And somehow, at some point, probably most unexpectedly 
You will find someone out there who believes in you 
Who wants to share your pain, to take part of the burden 
And you will find joy that was once unimaginable!

Friday 5 April 2019

The Telling Of The Tale

I tried to paint upon the blank canvas  
But all of the colours refused to show  
Just exactly what I was feeling  
And anything good decided to go  
So I dropped my feelings in a well  
To hide what I felt and please everyone  
Can you fill my brain with reasons  
For I feel I'm too late to carry on  

I bled in the shadow of my darkness  
Just to see if I could feel again  
I left my memories in the dead of night  
And shed away all fairweathered friends  
But looking back on my life I wondered  
Just exactly what the hell happened to me  
At one point in time I was hopeful  
But now I doubt that I'll ever be free  

In the telling of the tale that took ahold  
That warmed up the nights that's too cold  
A drop of hope would fill my eyes  
But I found out later it was just a lie  
And home is where all our dreams die

Sunday 16 December 2018

Moonfire Circus

Voices speaking from the piano's soul  
Is reaching out for anyone to be heard  
It's a simple composition  
Full of sounds with not a single word  
The signpost says "Hurry! Before it's too late!"  
But the eyes of the many won't reciprocate  
There is a skull to remind us all  
That our lives will leave soon  
For castled dreams and sunbeams  
For those with a good attitude  
A fortnight of passion to wrangle peaceful whims  
So tear up the contract and then we'll begin  
Read the banner and you'll  
Know where I got my name  
Several miles high we can see  
Exactly where they came  
Waste me in reason  
'Cos you know it's plain to see  
We never got as far  
As we really wanted to be  
And so now the circus begins    
She said "This ain't a sin  
From day to day it can change  
It'll pass in the picture frame."  
Born in a house  
Of esoterical thoughts  
The voiceless are many  
A plan has been bought  
They're dreaming in comfort  
To help heal the wounds  
The treasures are many  
And ours will come soon