Friday 12 April 2019

Life is nothing but a Dream!

Lost in tears, 
I did not notice, 
Dusk descending
Petals dropped, 
And piled up on my robe
Dull white rag 
Laid over my dreams.
The sun goes down
Behind the mountain peaks
The moonlit valley of Calder
Last night I watched its lure
From the windows of dome.
Darkening shades of trees
Falling on the walls of Church
Like shapeless ghosts, 
The acquaint myth of Dharma,
Retold stories of Fate.
Winds passing 
Through the shaded grove
The birds have gone, 
And people too are few
The One I cared for
Standing in the midst 
Sobbing softly, 
Can't hear the words…. 
There's no death, 
Just the dream 
That touches your heart
And it fades for ever
Before long, leave 
No trace behind. 


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