Friday 5 April 2019

The Telling Of The Tale

I tried to paint upon the blank canvas  
But all of the colours refused to show  
Just exactly what I was feeling  
And anything good decided to go  
So I dropped my feelings in a well  
To hide what I felt and please everyone  
Can you fill my brain with reasons  
For I feel I'm too late to carry on  

I bled in the shadow of my darkness  
Just to see if I could feel again  
I left my memories in the dead of night  
And shed away all fairweathered friends  
But looking back on my life I wondered  
Just exactly what the hell happened to me  
At one point in time I was hopeful  
But now I doubt that I'll ever be free  

In the telling of the tale that took ahold  
That warmed up the nights that's too cold  
A drop of hope would fill my eyes  
But I found out later it was just a lie  
And home is where all our dreams die

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