Tuesday 16 April 2019

Waking up!

When waking up is one of the hardest things to do 
And the first sound you make is a despairing groan 
When you don't want the pain of another day 
And just want to stay in bed and sleep, to tell the world to go away. 
Look outside and see the life around you 
A flower, a bird, even the tiniest insect has its own beauty 
Just sit and watch, take a moment for yourself 
Allow the wonder and magic of life to consume your mind 
Let that pretty flower, or bird, or insect become your reality 
As you sit there in awe of what you see 
Thoughts may wonder if someone will ever truly understand you 
And want to be part of your life 
At these times remember, in this world, you are the only you 
You are unique, and your wonderful qualities are ready to shine 
And somehow, at some point, probably most unexpectedly 
You will find someone out there who believes in you 
Who wants to share your pain, to take part of the burden 
And you will find joy that was once unimaginable!

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